Environmental Enhancement Funds

Marine Conservation Enhancement Fund Fisheries Enhancement Fund

> Background

In accordance with Conditions 4.6 (under FEP-02/558/2018 and FEP-03/558/2018) and 4.10 (under FEP-01/558/2018) of the Further Environmental Permits, Castle Peak Power Company Limited (CAPCO), The Hongkong Electric Co., Ltd. (HK Electric) and Hong Kong LNG Terminal Limited (HKLTL) have developed an Environmental Enhancement Plan (EEP) which provides information on the environmental enhancement initiatives for marine ecology and conservation, fisheries resources and sustainable development of the fishing industry, as well as outline the proposed mechanism for implementing the funding, the setting up of independent management committees to manage and administer the EEP, and the membership and terms of reference of the independent management committees.

CAPCO, HK Electric and HKLTL have established two funds in accordance with the EEP, namely Marine Conservation Enhancement Fund (MCEF) and Fisheries Enhancement Fund (FEF) (collectively named “the Funds”), to fund initiatives proposed by third parties, e.g. Non-Governmental organisations (NGOs), academia and the fishery sector, that support the objectives of the Funds.

*CAPCO is a 70:30 joint venture of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and China Southern Power Grid International (HK) Co., Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd,. CAPCO currently owns three power stations, Castle Peak Power Station, Black Point Power Station, and Penny’s Bay Power Station, which are all operated by CLP Power.