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  • 2021-2022
  • 2020-2021

Reference No.

Project Title

Name of Applicant

Project Leader
Funded Amount (HK$)
FEF21103 Collection of information on illegal fishing activities by marine surveillance Hong Kong Fishermen Development Limited Ms. Chung Ching Lin 2,731,960.00
FEF21105 Pilot scheme to assist fishermen to recreational fisheries ~ trip to fishing village tour HK Fisheries Promotion Company Limited Mr. Keung Siu Fai 1,614,850.00
FEF21106 Equipment improvement for fishing operation – solar-powered CCTV system Dragon Flight Company Mr. Lee Yat Loong 2,999,750.00
FEF21108 Development of probiotic feed to enhance fish disease resistance and growth in local aquaculture The University of Hong Kong Dr. Simon Sin Yung Wa 1,703,296.00
FEF21001 Clean up discarded fishing nets (Trial Project) Moments of Recollection Company Limited Ms. Tse Ka Yan 1,616,000.00
FEF21005 Farming and restocking program for yellow croaker Life Jungle Association Limited Ms. Chan Wing Fung 2,461,670.00
FEF21006 Development of nano selenium as supplement for aquaculture (Part 1) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology and Research Institute for Future Food) Dr. Kwok Wing Hin 1,553,250.00