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  • 2021-2022
  • 2020-2021

Reference No.

Project Title

Name of Applicant

Project Leader
Funded Amount (HK$)
FEF20005 Sustainable development of oyster aquaculture in Hong Kong - carrying capacity research and best management practices for sustainable oyster aquaculture in Deep Bay The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong Foundation Limited Ms Anniqa Law 2,398,048.00
FEF20011 Hatchery of pearl oysters in Hong Kong: a pilot study The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Dr James Fang 2,299,000.00
FEF20103 Leisure fisheries pilot program "Fishing Show" HK Fisheries Promotion Co. Limited Mr Keung Siu Fai 466,429.00
FEF20104 Purse seine fishing catamaran design studies Chemtron Technology Limited Mr Pang Wah Kan 399,000.00
FEF20106 Equipment improvement for fishing operation - portable power station Aberdeen Fisherwomen Association Limited Ms Wong For Kam 2,995,500.00