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  • 2021-2022
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Reference No.

Project Title

Name of Applicant

Project Leader
Funded Amount (HK$)
MCEF20001 Safeguarding a future for seagrass meadows in Hong Kong by implementing tools for monitoring, conserving and restoring their natural populations The University of Hong Kong Dr Juan Diego Gaitan-Espitia 1,795,137.30
MCEF20002 When was Acropora-coral-habitable environmental quality lost from the Hong Kong's southern waters? Historical ecology approach. The University of Hong Kong Dr Moriaki Yasuhara 1,371,874.00
MCEF20007 Small players reveal crucial ecological mystery: Parasites as indicators of population ecology of endangered Indo-Pacific finless porpoises in HK waters City University of Hong Kong Dr Brian Chin Wing Kot 996,286.00
MCEF20009 Managing Pak Nai's ecologically important habitats to preserve its natural beauty and sensitive biodiversity The Nature Conservancy Hong Kong Foundation Limited Ms Marine Thomas 743,719.50
MCEF20011 Seasonal monitoring of beach litter in western and southern waters of Hong Kong using aerial drone - a prerequisite for setting up marine conservation strategy Hong Kong Metropolitan University Dr Chen Jianlin 651,444.00
MCEF20017 Removal of micro/nano plastic from marine environments using Nanobubble City University of Hong Kong Dr Alicia An 523,200.00
MCEF20026 The unknown facets of conservation ecology of Hong Kong cetaceans: Night-time habitat use, diurnal acoustic environment, and impacts of anthropogenic noise on Chinese white dolphins and Indo-Pacific finless porpoises Cetacean Research Institute Limited Dr Stephen C.Y. Chan 1,988,860.00
MCEF20030 Understanding and managing the threats of toxic algae to the Chinese white dolphin and finless porpoise in Hong Kong’s southern and western waters The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Dr Ling Jin 1,120,500.00
MCEF20101 Small things matter: Hong Kong cryptobenthic fish diversity The University of Hong Kong Dr Celia Schunter 1,391,501.00
MCEF20107 A new seafloor surveying technique: Using underwater drone and location-aware object recognition for marine conservation The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Dr Sai-Kit Yeung 1,990,440.00
MCEF20108 Exploiting a novel digital droplet PCR platform for the study of marine biodiversity: A pilot study on targeted fishes The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Megan Yi-Ping Ho 1,745,150.00
MCEF20109 Study on the diversity and distribution of octocoral community and associated invertebrates in southern waters of Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Tsang Ling Ming 1,359,600.00
MCEF20113 Ecological restoration with oyster shell reefs at Sham Wan Restricted Area City University of Hong Kong Dr Juan Carlos Astudillo 1,198,200.00
MCEF20114 Feasibility study of detecting local seahorse and pipefish species in the coastal area of Hong Kong by environmental DNA (eDNA) The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Apple Chui Pui Yi 1,485,556.00