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  • 2021-2022
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Reference No.

Project Title

Name of Applicant

Project Leader
Funded Amount (HK$)
MCEF21001 Training citizen scientist to study seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton and its relationship with coastal water quality of non-gazetted beach in Western and Southern parts of Hong Kong Hong Kong Metropolitan University Prof. Fred Wang Fat Lee 1,514,430.00
MCEF21003 Using eDNA for Hong Kong marine conservation efforts and biodiversity assessment The University of Hong Kong Dr. Mathew Seymour 1,158,000.00
MCEF21004 Hong Kong marine conservation online course for scuba divers The University of Hong Kong Dr. Hau Chi Hang 259,687.00
MCEF21005 Space and time matter: Long-term spatiotemporal distribution of sea turtle strandings and factors contributing to their morbidity and mortality in Hong Kong waters City University of Hong Kong Dr. Brian Chin Wing Kot 1,498,088.00
MCEF21006 Identifying Lantau’s “hotspots”: developing thermal and salinity profiles to assess the current and future distributions of key marine species The Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong Dr. Tin Yan Hui 1,108,105.00
MCEF21007 Linking coral cover and reef fish diversity in Hong Kong waters using eDNA The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Dr. Charmaine Cheuk-Man Yung 800,702.00