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Reference No.

Project Title

Name of Applicant

Project Leader
Funded Amount (HK$) Project Findings
MCEF22001 Applications of coastal bivalves in water quality improvement, ecological restoration, and carbon neutralization City University of Hong Kong Prof Wang Wen-Xiong 1,294,850.00 **
MCEF22002 Migration of a novel class of organic light-emitting materials (OLEMs) from e-waste to finless porpoises City University of Hong Kong Dr He YuHe 976,000.00 **
MCEF22003 Assessment of eDNA for monitoring fish and decapod diversity and distribution in Hong Kong’s western waters: comparison with trawling Hong Kong Baptist University Dr Qiu Jianwen 1,939,000.00 **
MCEF22005 Exploring fluorescence spectroscopic characterisation of algal organic matter and its implication on early warning of harmful algal blooms in the fish culture zones of Hong Kong The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Dr He Ding 749,700.00 **
MCEF22008 Enhancing marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning on the manmade rip-rap seawall at Tai Shue Wan Hong Kong Metropolitan University Dr Juan Carlos Astudillo 1,980,600.00 **
MCEF22011 Study on the biodiversity of ahermatypic Scleractinia in southern Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dr Apple Chui Pui Yi 1,331,300.00 **
MCEF22014 Comprehensive risk assessment on finless porpoises exposed to chlorinated paraffins and chemical mixtures using high-resolution mass spectrometry and toxicokinetic model City University of Hong Kong Dr Wang Qi 631,200.00 **
MCEF22022 Seeing the unseen - wetland plankton education programme Sea Education Association Limited Dr Cheung Ma Shan 1,071,108.00 **
MCEF22105 Managing Pak Nai’s ecologically important habitats to preserve its natural beauty and sensitive biodiversity (Phase 2) The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Hong Kong Foundation Limited Mr Tom Chan Tsz Kin 866,773.00 **
MCEF22107 How much could oyster restoration improve nutrient cycling? Assessment of oyster habitat denitrification capacity in Hong Kong's western waters. The University of Hong Kong Dr Bayden D Russell 649,010.00 **
MCEF22109 Metagenomics analysis of the biodiversity and functioning of microbial communities in the western and southern waters of Hong Kong Hong Kong Metropolitan University Dr Tang Chi Hung 769,780.00 **
MCEF22112 A novel soft robotic fish as a platform for non-disturbing seafloor surveying The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Prof Rob Scharff 1,450,000.00 **
MCEF22114 Identifying the seagrass conservation and restoration priorities in Hong Kong in relation to anthropogenic pressure The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Prof Liu Hong Bin 576,600.00 **
MCEF22116 Exploring the hidden fish community and fishery value of estuarine mangroves in western Hong Kong waters through environmental DNA metabarcoding Lingnan University Dr Ip Chi Ho 939,800.00 **
MCEF22117 Enhancing marine conservation education through advanced 3D imaging technologies: exploring the impact of microplastics on stony corals The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Dr James Fang Kar Hei 1,450,000.00 **
MCEF22118 Maritime surveillance using drone and automatic identification system for vessel-cetacean interaction risk assessment in core habitats of Hong Kong resident cetaceans City University of Hong Kong Dr Tabris Chung Yik To 958,221.00 **
MCEF22119 Diagnostic framework and assessment of cetacean morbidity and mortality related to fishery interaction in the Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area City University of Hong Kong Dr Brian Kot Chin Wing 952,376.00 **